CompareData Privacy Policy

CompareData application, henceforth app or application, does not collect nor transmits user private data, user however, may use the application to transmit potentially private data as part of comparing and/or synchronizing database data as noted below in Comparing Data and Synchronizing data when the data being compared or synchronized is private data.

Comparing Data

When user compares database data between two databases, potentially private data may be retrieved over the network and/or cloud when the database data for the data comparison contains private data. User is responsible for ensuring the security of the data retrieved over the network and/or cloud by using SSL encrypted ODBC data sources, as appropriate, for the data sources of the data comparisons.

Synchronizing Data

When user synchronizes database data, directly using the application data source connections, or by generating a sql script, user is responsible for ensuring the security of the synchronization data transmitted over the networ/cloud or the generated sql script by using SSL encrypted ODBC data sources to the source and target data sources of the synchronziation and by safe-guarding the generated sql script if the script contains any private information.

Data Source Login ID and Password

When setting up an application data source connection, user may enter a Login ID and/or password (i.e, credentials) in which case the entered credentials are saved in encrypted form with the application data source on the local machine using Windows encryption for the signed in Windows user. Only the Windows user who set up the CompareData applicatin data source can decrypt the CompareData application data source credentials, if any, when singed in to Windows.

Conneting to Databases

If a database Login ID and/or password is required to connect to the database of a data source, user is responsible to use SSL encrypted ODBC data source for the connection, if appropriate, to ensure the security of any Login ID and/or password, if any, that may be transmitted to the database for user authentication to establish a connection to the data source database,

Copy/Copy As/Save As

If the information displayed on the user screen as part of a data comparison, for example, contains private information, user is reponsible for safe guarding the information by not copyig the private information to Windows clipboard (where other applications running on Windows may read the Windows clipboard information), or when saving the information as html, xml, json, txt, sql, csv or other unencrypted format to a file/storage.

Application Repository

The application repository, henceforth repository, stores user comparison and synchronization meta-data, settings, ad hoc queries and scripts in the repository database. User is responsible for safe guardig the repository database if user stores any private information as part of a comparison and/or synchroniation script or ad hoc scripts. CompareData does not store data sources database data in the repository.

Check for Update

On application first startup, the application reads the application most recent update information from the web to ensure user is using the latet version of the application. No private information is transmitted reading the application most recent update information from the web.

The application by default checks for application update periodically by reading the application most recent update information from the web. If you prefer to check for application update manually, you can turn off the application periodic check for update using the application Tools, Options menu and manually check for application update using Help, Check for Update menu or visiting the application webpage.