Drivers CompareData

CompareData requires ODBC 3.5 compliant drivers to connect to databases. Most DBMS vendors provide ODBC drivers as part of a client install or free for download. Also third-party software vendors provide ODBC drivers for most major DBMSs but usually require a license or a fee. It is recommended to use the DBMS vendor ODBC driver whenever it is possible. If the DBMS vendor ODBC driver does not work as needed, then you may want to evaluate a third-party ODBC driver.

DB2 UDB IBM DB2 ODBC DRIVER (part of client install)
Derby IBM DB2 ODBC DRIVER. See Derby DBMS notes
Firebird Firebird website (included with CompareData)
Informix Informix Client Software Development Kit (Client SDK)
MySQL MySQL Website
Microsoft SQL Server Part of Microsoft SQL Server Native Client
Oracle Oracle ODBC Drivers, DataDirect
PostgreSQL PostgreSQL website (official ODBC driver)
SQLite Christian Werner website
SAP Adaptive Server Enterprise SAP Adaptive Server Enterprise client install, DataDirect