Application Repository CompareData

CompareData uses a small database to store its user settings. This database is referred to as the application repository. Please note that CompareData requires the application repository to work.

Embedded Firebird Repository

When you install CompareData you have the option to install Firebird ODBC driver that allows CompareData to use the embedded repository. The application automatically creates an internal <Embedded Repository> data source to connect to the embedded database and by default uses the embedded Firebird repository as the application repository if you don't have another repository already set up as the application repository from a previous release.

<Embedded Repository> Considerations

You can start out hosting the application repository on the embedded database (default) and as your need grow, you can use the application to move the repository from the embedded database to another supported DBMS as described in the application Move Repository help documentation.

DBMS Repository Support

Hosting the application repository is supported on a recent version of the following DBMSs:

To create a repository, you create an ODBC data source to connect the app to the DBMS you want to host the application repository and then use CompareData repository wizard to create the repository.

Sharing the Repository

It is recommended to create the repository on the same client machine where CompareData is running using a "personal" DBMS server. However, you can also create the repository on a networked DBMS server where multiple CompareData users can share the same repository schema. Please see the application help for details about sharing the repository schema.

Please note that if you share the repository schema with other CompareData users, then each CompareData user should login to the repository using a different login ID to avoid over-writing other users data.